Are You Marketing Your Book to a BIG Enough Audience on Social Media?

Stop wasting hours of precious writing time scrambling to build a huge social media following that isn’t working for you! This is an area where quality matters more than quantity.

BIGGER isn’t always better when it comes to your following on social media. Instead of allowing yourself to feel disheartened by low follower numbers, shift your focus to relevancy and engagement.

Is your book relevant to your followers?

If you are marketing your 18th-century romance novel to 10,000 followers but only 2% of them are your book’s target audience, your work to build up that following has been very, very inefficient. To attract the right kind of followers, make your social media content align with your book’s content. Draw in your actual readership, not just anyone and everyone. Make your limited time and effort count for something. Building up just 1,000 followers, 98% of whom are likely to be interested in your book, is far and away a better use of your time.

Find your ideal readers (even if that means re-evaluating which platforms you’re using), see what other authors they’re following, and jump into that community. Do as they do, go where they go, like what they like. Over time, you’ll gain a better understanding of your audience, and your posts will begin to align naturally with the types of accounts they’re likely to follow. You should see that the followers you attract in the future aren’t a general audience… They’re your audience.

By the way, stealing ideas from your peers can help you sell more books on Amazon, as well. Strategy!

How well are you engaging with your followers?

A smaller following that likes, shares, and comments on your posts is far more valuable than an enormous following that simply scrolls past them. Here again, it’s helpful to look not only at your own posts and their statistics, but at those of your peers, as well. If you’re an independently published horror novelist, find similar authors whose followers engage a lot with most of their posts. Pay attention to what they’re doing that works for your audience.

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to your following on social media. This is an area where quality matters more than quantity.

Don’t go stealing other people’s ideas verbatim, but use what you see to inform your own posts. Is your target audience interacting a lot with posts that have particular kinds of images? Poll posts? Posts where the author reveals personal anecdotes? See what’s working best for your audience. Do more of that… and less of all the other posting that’s just spinning your wheels and going nowhere. Work smarter, not harder!

Do you have more helpful social media book marketing tips? Share them in the comments!

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